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WandaVision - Series Finale (My Thoughts) mp3
Here, I talk about the #WandaVision Series Finale!....and go on a tangent on other perspectives of heroes, villains, perception, and social media. Hey, hopefully ...

WandaVision - Episode 8 (My Thoughts) mp3
The back story episode of WandaVision. Here are my thoughts on #WandaVision Episode 8!

Wonder Woman 1984 - Movie Review mp3
WONDER WOMAN 1984 is coming to HBO Max soon, so here's my review to get you prepped! #WonderWoman1984 #WW84.

Mortal Kombat - Official Trailer (My Thoughts) mp3
We have a trailer to 2021's #MortalKombat !!! ...I was starting to think we were being punked. Here are my thoughts on the trailer! Watch the trailer here: ...

Zack Snyder's Justice League - Official Trailer (My Thoughts) mp3
#JusticeLeague #SnyderCut.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Movie Review mp3
The Disney trilogy comes to a close, and the Skywalker saga comes to an end. Here's my review of STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER! #StarWars ...

TENET - Movie Review mp3
Christopher Nolan gives us his take on a spy thriller. Here's my review for TENET! #TENET.

Cats - Movie Review mp3
A live action series of song and dance numbers that someone thought counted as a movie. Here's my review for CATS! #Cats #CatsMovie.

WandaVision - Episode 6 (My Thoughts) mp3
As the questions grow, I delve into my theory on who Agnes is. Here are my thoughts on #Wandavision episode 6!

Mulan - Movie Review mp3
Disney is on a roll with taking their animated classics, and making live action husks of them. Now we have MULAN! So here's my review. #MULAN.

Spider - Man - Movie Review mp3
In 2002, Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN hit theaters with a bang! Does it hold up today? Here's my review! Watch the teaser trailer here: ...

Avengers: Endgame - SPOILER Talk mp3
Avengers: Endgame has arrived, so let's delve deeper into the spoilers I couldn't talk about before. Here's my AVENGERS: ENDGAME - SPOILER TALK!

My 10 Anticipated Movies of 2021 mp3
With a new year, we get to look at the movies rolling out in the course of 2021. Here is a look at 10 movies that caught my eye. #AnticipatedMovies2021.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Review mp3
Whether from a sense of obligation, or just because I enjoy a cyberpunk world; after 100 hours, I now feel qualified to give my thoughts on CYBERPUNK 2077!

Birds of Prey - Movie Review mp3
A new film in the DC universe starring Harley Quinn & friends. Here's my review of BIRDS OF PREY & THE FANTABULOUS EMANCIPATION OF ONE HARLEY ...

The Batman - Official Trailer (My Thoughts) mp3
Another trailer for an anticipated DC movie. Here are my thoughts on the 1st trailer for THE BATMAN! Watch the trailer here: ...

Top 10 WORST Movies 2019 mp3
I've listed the best, now here is my list for the Top 10 WORST Movies of 2019! 10. 9. 8.

Solo: A Star Wars Story - Movie Review mp3
Han Solo gets an origin story. Here's my review of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY! Follow me on the Stardust app for more movie thoughts: ...

WandaVision - Episode 5 (My Thoughts) mp3
The intrigue ramps up with the tension. Here are my thoughts on Episode 5 of #WandaVision.

WandaVision - Episode 7 (My Thoughts) mp3
The reveals continue as we get a big answer! Here are my thoughts on #WandaVision Episode 7!

Top 10 BEST Movies 2019 mp3
The end of the year is upon us, so it's time for my picks for the top 10 BEST movies of 2019! 10. 9. 8.

WandaVision - Episodes 1 & 2 (My Thoughts) mp3
The MCU series WandaVision has come to Disney+. Well, the first 2 episodes anyway. Here are my thoughts on the setup and intrigue to WANDAVISION!

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - Movie Review mp3
My review of the 9th film by Quentin all look lovely today, have I told you that yet? #OnceUponATimeInHollywood.

Logan - Movie Review mp3
In a world of an unknown X-Men timeline continuity, Logan and Xavier must protect a little girl being hunted by an agency. Get ready for some rated R Wolverine ...

WandaVision - Episode 3 (My Thoughts) mp3
Wanda goes into labor, and the questions about what's going on stack. Here are my thought on WANDACISION - EPISODE 3! #WandaVision.

Scream - Movie Review mp3
Kicking off this Halloween Movie Review Marathon with a personal favorite of mine that reinvigorated the high school slasher craze. Here's my review for ...

The Little Things - Movie Review mp3
And now, my review of a crime thriller. I got nothing more original than that description. Here's my review for THE LITTLE THINGS!

The Last of Us Part II - SPOILER Talk mp3
Now I dive into the spoiler-ish things. This video came across more negative than I intended, but GOOD NEWS!....2020 is almost half way done! #TLOU2 ...

The Mandalorian: Season 2 FINALE! (My Thoughts) mp3
The Mandalorian Season 2 FINALE! No description needed. Here we go! #Mandalorian #MandalorianSeason2Finale.

Parasite - Movie Review mp3
Here are (finally) my thoughts on the Best picture Oscar winner PARASITE #Parasite.

The Walking Dead: Season 10 EXTENDED Is Coming! (My Thoughts) mp3
The Walking Dead hit a solid stride with Seasons 9 & 10. Now season 10 gets 6 more episodes. here are my thoughts on this. #TheWalkingDead #TWD #AMC.

Jared Leto's NEW Look As The Joker! (My Thoughts) mp3
Jared Leto is Returning in Zack Snyder's Justice League, and he has a new look! Here are my thoughts on it! #Joker #SnyderCut #JusticeLeague.

Requiem For A Dream - Movie Review mp3
OK! Here's a video I've wanted to make for awhile....Let's review REQUIEM FOR A DREAM! #RequiemForADream.

Pixar's SOUL - Movie Review mp3
Another review where I tell you more about how the movie made me feel rather than critique the construction of the movie...but hey, that's kind of my thing here.

Underwater - Movie Review mp3
A thriller/Horror about a small group of people trying to escape an under water facility....and there are underwater monsters. Here's my review for UNDERWATER ...

The Gentlemen - Movie Review mp3
Guy Richie brings us what could be a return to form for him. Here's my review for THE GENTLEMEN! #TheGentlemen.

The Lion King - Movie Review mp3
In a world of increasing live action adaptations of beloved animated Disney classics, The Lion King gets a live action adaptation...or at least a CGI re-skin.

Captain America: Civil War - Movie Review mp3
The Avengers must chose to side with Iron man or Captain America as the political noose tightens. Who's side will you chose? Jeremy reviews "Captain ...

Justice League - Movie Review mp3
The heroes of the DCEU have come together which means Justice League is finally here! How does it stack up? Here's my review of JUSTICE LEAGUE!

1917 - Movie Review mp3
A WWI epic filmed to appear as 1 shot, about a couple of soldiers tasked with traveling deep behind enemy lines to deliver orders that will save 1600 lives.

Jeremy Jahns Q & A mp3
To celebrate 500000 Youtube subscribers, I answer questions that people asked me in my "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" review....a mere 28000 ...

Marvel's Spider - Man: Miles Morales - Game Review mp3
Miles Morales steps up to be Spider-Man to show me what I've been missing by not reading his comics. Here's my review for SPIDER-MAN: MILES MORALES!

WandaVision - Episode 4 (My Thoughts) mp3
We get the WandaVision episode that gives us some context and answers. Here are my thoughts! #Wandavision.

Aquaman - Movie Review mp3
The DCEU has had some hits and misses, and now Aquaman is getting his shot. How does he stack up? Here's my review of AQUAMAN! #Aquaman.

Star Wars: The The Rise of Skywalker - SPOILER Talk mp3
Star Wars Episode IX has hit theaters, so let's talk about the spoilers that I couldn't talk about before. Here's my SPOILER TALK for STAR WARS: THE RISE OF ...

Dune - Official Trailer (My Thoughts) mp3
Ok, so this is pretty much me gushing about all the positives of this trailer, but I'm kinda finding it hard to see any negatives thus far. Anyhow, Here are my ...

Assassin's Creed - Movie Review mp3
Another video game movie! Does this one break the Shit streak?....Here's my review of "Assassin's Creed"! See more videos by Jeremy here: ...

Aladdin - Movie Review mp3
The newest Disney Live Action remake is a classic of the 90's. Here's my review for ALADDIN! #Aladdin.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Movie Review mp3
The events encapsulated in the opening crawl to "Star Wars: A New Hope" come to life! Here's my review of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"! See more videos by ...

Scream 2 - Movie Review mp3
It looks like Mondays will be "SCREAM DAY in my Halloween Movie Review Extravaganza! So let's kick off week 2 by talking about SCREAM 2! #Halloween ...

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